Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words

WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Hallelujah! I am being challenged to execute a post with no three-letter words. Never having participated in a daily prompt, this is my first attempt at delivering an entire post without some of these dirty little words.

I have lived a sheltered life in which I foolishly believed that only four letter words were unacceptable. As a matter of fact, on several occasions, I rebuked my children as well as my husband because they uttered four letter words. Alas! Could it be that I was have been wrong about my aversion to four letter words?

Or is it possible that I only erred by omitting dreadful three-letter words also? Must I repent to humanity inasmuch as in my endeavor to raise a family of upright moral character, I failed in ignorance of this commandment of epic proportions – Thou shan’t utter three-letter words? 

To everyone affected by my naiveté, I humbly offer my apologies. Please forgive me if you thou have hast suffered unduly do to because of my foolish usage of these naughty words. If anyone bears pain or suffering as a result of this, I pray peace is found.

I also seek your mercy on my behalf. I am devastated by my total dependence on these filthy words. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible that I could again breech this cardinal rule, thereby blundering headlong into some tortuous punishment, a consequence earned by my indiscretion.

Please also allow me to show my deep appreciation to the staff at WordPress, since I probably would have continued writing these nasty little words without ever ceasing if they hadn’t  alerted me to this gross misuse of the eleventh commandment… Thou shan’t utter three-letter words.


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