Traditions of Men – T.A.Sparks

Holy SpiritThis is a powerful post and therefore it must be read and shared by those men and women of God who no longer want to quench His Holy Spirit. Rather, let us begin to loose the Holy Spirit, so that He can guide us in truth and love… Blessings!

A Call To The Remnant

Below is an article be T.A.Sparks. It speaks to the traditions of men. God is raising up a generation of believers in these last days that seek to move in the freedom of the Holy Spirit where Jesus is preeminent. Conditions will be such that men will not be able to control and organize yet one more denomination. He will bind us together and He will use circumstances to fulfill His will for unity in the Body and freedom of the Spirit. The walls that have formed denominations have been used to create prisons that seek to confine and restrict the work of the Holy Spirit…………bro Frank

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