Picture With A Voice

Stories for the Heart

Master key

Poised graciously in the Master’s hands,
Is the Key to open and close every door.
Christ has the Keys to life and to death.
Trust in the Lord, turn away from your sins, and
Unlock the door to the Kingdom of God!
Redemption is offered in His outstretched hand.
Eternal life is His gift for you.

Will you reach out for the key in His outstretched hands?
Intimacy is required to handle this gift.
Tenderly, He beckons, “I want your whole
Heart; I won’t settle for less. I love you with

Alove that won’t let you go. You are Mine, a

Vision, like a lily among thorns!
Ocome, My beloved, are you willing to die?
If you won’t die for Me, you won’t ever live!”
Christ Jesus, my King, for You I am…

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