Share the Love – July 2013

PrintHallelujah! I really look forward to Sharing the Love with one of my fellow bloggers each month, but I have to tell you, July 1 came really fast. I’ve known who the Lord wants me to showcase for a while, but life has a way of slipping in and throwing us off course. I’m really struggling with pain today, and your prayers are deeply appreciated. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m really excited to introduce July’s featured blog and author to some, and to present her to others, so without further ado, (drumroll please), I present CHRISTian ~ poetry by deborah annDeborah is truly a woman with a heart for Jesus, and her love for Him is evident in every poem that she writes, not for her own glory, but for His. I know this blesses the Lord, and I’m certain that’s why He wanted me to Share the Love with her.

CHRISTian ~ poetry by deborah ann

Deborah shared with me that she has been writing for the Lord since the 80’s, but she stopped for a period of time, when her life “took a turn on the wide path of destruction.” Thankfully, the Lord eventually drew her back to Him, and one day, about fifteen years ago, Deborah found her blue journal, where she had kept her poetry. As she read through some of the poems that she had written many years before, the Lord began speaking to her heart, leading her to share her past with others, and citing this scripture passage…

19 Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; 20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

~ James 5:19-20 — KJV ~

Deborah said, “I write about the struggles that I have had over the years and the struggles of people I know. When I have my morning sit down with Jesus I ask Him to bring to my heart the times that I was fearful, doubting, or wandering and to give me the words that will speak to just one person.” Her poetry does just that. It ministers, as it also deals with a wide variety of subjects.

Deb also said, “My poems are simple, rhyming poems and some have critiqued them at times, saying that I force the rhyme, but if it is what the Lord wants me to say, I don’t care about structure just the words.” Praise God for that, because her poetry is not just pretty or lyrical; it is prophetic, and I felt the Lord leading me to feature her poems for just that reason, and so, without further ado, I’d like to share my favorite poems, which were very hard to choose, because so many of them touched my heart. However, having said that, these were the ones that really struck a chord within me… 

These poems really touched me with their passion and love for the Lord. There was beauty in many of them, and in some, there were warnings, not to condemn, but to rescue someone from the bowels of hell.

Out of all of the poems I read, the one that spoke the loudest to me, the one that broke my heart, was Don’t Abort Me. As a woman of God, and a mother of two, and grandmother of eight (soon to be nine in a couple of weeks), I was broken as I read the words of an unborn baby begging his/her mommy for his/her life. This is a poem that everyone should read, men, women and teens, so they can prayerfully see that the “thing” within someone’s womb is not merely a mass of cells, or an embryo or a fetus, but a baby, a human child created with purpose by Almighty God. Please be sure to read this one, and if you like it (or any of the other poems) be sure to click “Like” and also, be sure to leave a comment for Deb. As authors of your own blogs, you know how much it means when someone comments on your work.

As many of you know, I always like to ask the author of the featured blog which, of all the posts they’ve written, is their favorite(s), and Deborah had two favorites…

  • Bankrupt Lives “because Bankrupt Lives shares my view of why Jesus had to die and the grace and mercy He has given us so that in Him we may have a life that is lush and fruitful.”
  • By Grace Alone “because By Grace Alone, makes me feel humble, takes the pride out of my sails, and makes me very aware as to why I am saved.”

Beloved readers, it’s now time for you to Share the Love with Deborah Ann, so please, take the time to visit her blog, and read her posts, and if you feel led, follow her. I’m sure you will be just as blessed by this blog as I am! God bless you all!

© 2013
Cheryl A. Showers

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