Inside Israel – a bit of sharing on 5/29/2013

Image Credit: Jerusalem Shots
Image Credit:
Jerusalem Shots

My Beloved Readers,

Please forgive me for not posting the Inside Israel letters for the last few weeks. I’m not up to talking about it yet, but I was recently hospitalized, and I haven’t been online very much lately. For those of you who have been praying for me, I truly appreciate your prayers, and I ask you to please continue praying for me, as I am in a dark place that I’ve never been in before, and without the help of the Lord, I could do nothing.

O Jerusalem, I have posted watchmen on your walls;
they will pray day and night, continually.
Take no rest, all you who pray to the Lord.
Give the Lord no rest until He completes His work,
until He makes Jerusalem the pride of the earth.

I also ask you to please continue praying for our sister in Israel, who so kindly shares her life and the mighty works of the Lord with us, and for all of Israel and Jerusalem in Jesus’ name… I will post another Inside Israel letter on Wednesday, June, 19, to try to catch you up on our sister’s letters.

Beloved sisters and brothers,

Greetings to you in The Name of Yeshua h’Meshiach – Jesus the Messiah.  May He be blessed and glorified and may you be blessed!
I’ve had a terrible on-going headache for quite some time and did not really ‘feel like’ sharing today when the opportunity presented itself, but it is my daily prayer that He might send me someone to share with and so another seed has been planted, again at work.  Larissa is another new secretary and is very sweet.  Both of the new secretaries whom I work with (they both work for the other doctor…there are two family doctors and a dentist in our office) remind me of different aspects of our younger daughter and I enjoy them tremendously.  I already shared with you concerning Molly (I learned that it is ‘Mali’ which is short for Malcha or ‘queen’), after I was able to share a bit with her and today it was Larissa.  Their boss is on vacation and she was being quite ‘chatty’…a bit more then I was wishing for with my headache along with all of the added work that I had naturally from the second doctor being away.  I decided to give her a photocopy of the now-old full spread newspaper article that had been written about our family that had been in the Hebrew newspaper several years after we made aliyah.  It kept her busy for awhile, but being a university student, she is a fast reader and so very soon said to me ‘What? YOU were a HIPPIE?  I would have never guessed!  Why, you look like a ‘Jewish mother’!’  I smiled, ‘I –of course – AM a Jewish mother and it is a miracle that I don’t look like a hippie, because I was a hippie for many years, of the worst kind.’ She looked shocked and excited; ‘But I L-O-V-E hippies!  They were great! They all wore funny pants and a head band and drove Volkswagen vans, flower children…free love…’ I was on my soap box now; ‘Wait a minute, girl!  It was NOT at all romantic if you were a real hippie!  It is a miracle that I am alive.  Most of my friends from those days are dead from drugs, suicide, or just the plain anarchist life style that we lead. Did you know only God’s Love is ‘free’…and you can NOT reject the laws of God and find ‘peace, love, freedom, truth, joy, power,…He put boundaries around us for a reason and that reason was to protect us in His love.’  The conversation took off!  She told me that her father is Jewish but that her mother is Russian and that made her not Jewish according to Jewish law, which is inherited through the line of the mother.  She went through conversion and then religious school and had many many controversies with the Rabbis and their interpretation of scripture or twisting of and adding chain upon chain to the law.  ‘Listen Larissa…I have something to tell you about myself…’ How wonderfully silent the office fell as I shared my testimony with her.  My boss had left for a time of rest and it was just she and I and the phones remained remarkably quiet.  She is a very bright girl.  Will you pray for The Holy Spirit to stir her and not let her rest until she hungers for Him and comes to Him and receives Him?  I would love to write more, but this headache is exhausting me. 
While we were talking a number of heavily laden planes flew overhead. There is MUCH tension on our northern border and the rhetoric has heated up.  Actually, the entire situation has ratcheted up some notches. Yesterday the air raid sirens sounded through out the country, both morning and evening, as we had a country wide drill.  It does seem that it is just a matter of time until we are ‘dragged into this mess’ and the time is perhaps short. 
Off to rest my head so I apologize for the ‘tatters’ that I sending off to you, but it comes with love, from your sister in Jerusalem…for HIS glory ALONE!

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