Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

by michelle w. on June 13, 2013

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BIG.

I would like to nominate Jesus Christ as TIME’s Person of the Year for 2013. Now, some would argue that Jesus is more than a Person of one year, and you would be correct. He is actually the Person of the Ages. He is the Rock of Ages and the Ancient of Days, but I would argue that He is also 2013’s Person of the Year.

You see, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, He should be TIME’s Person of the Year for 2013, for every year prior to that, and for every year thereafter as well. You see, in 2013, Jesus has already accomplished many wonderful deeds. Just last month, He blessed me with my eighth grandchild, a little boy, and in July, I’m eagerly awaiting the birth of my ninth grandchild, another little boy!

This has been a year of loss for me, as my mother passed away in February, nonetheless, the Lord has watched over me, helping me, even when I am at my weakest. In March, I was in the hospital with a serious illness, but again, the Lord brought me through that, healing me from that illness. I’ve suffered from grief, depression and pain this year, and yet, I know that God is not finished with me yet. I know that the plans He has for me are plans for my good. His plans are to give me and every person who is willing to believe in Him, a hope and a future. Therefore, even in the midst of my trials, I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth, for I know that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

TIME has named such criminals as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin as their Person of the Year in the past, which is utterly appalling considering how many people were tortured and died at their command, while they reigned. Time has featured presidents and former presidents and kings, and yet…

Isn’t it time to give honor to the One who created the heavens and the earth?
Don’t you think it’s time to honor the One who was in the beginning with God?

Shouldn’t we honor the One who spoke creation into being?
Shouldn’t we give homage to the One who gave His life so that we might live?

Isn’t it time to pay tribute to the KING that all other kings must bow down to?
Isn’t it time to recognize the One who, more than any other person, has changed the course of history?

Shouldn’t we celebrate Christ, the LORD of lords, who took no lives, told no lies and committed no sins?
Shouldn’t we exalt Jesus, who cleansed the lepers, healed the broken, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf?

Shouldn’t we adore Jesus all the more, because even today, in 2013, He still heals the broken, gives sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf?
Shouldn’t we worship Him, because He is still saving lives today, in 2013?

I can think of no other person in this day and time, nor any other person in any other day and time who has done more for the sake of humanity than Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. Therefore, it is my firm belief that the only One worthy to be named Person of the Year is Jesus Christ.

© 2013
Cheryl A. Showers

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