Share the Love – May 2013

PrintGreetings Everyone! It is time for me to Share the Love once again, and I can’t tell you how much this blesses me! I’m really eager to share this month’s recipient with you, because I’m fairly certain that many of you are unfamiliar with her writing, and you are in for a treat. Therefore, without further ado, I joyfully present the blog site, His Love is Better Than Wine, authored by Nicole M

How could I not love a blog whose title is taken straight from Song of Solomon, one of my favorite books in the bible? The Lord led Nicole to begin her blog in October 2012, right around the same time He led me to begin my blog, and that’s when we discovered one another’s blog. I can’t remember anymore which of us discovered the other, but I do know that it was a Spirit led discovery. Nicole has a lot of godly wisdom, that she willingly shares, not to elevate herself, but to elevate the Lord. One of the things that I admire about Nicole is that she is unafraid to expose her own flaws so that God will be glorified… A good example of this is one of  her first posts entitled Humility

NicoleMuch of Nicole’s blog is about being a single godly woman, but if you’re neither single nor female, don’t let that deter you from reading her blog, because she has much wisdom to share. Have you ever suffered from a broken heart and wondered how to recover from it? Nicole offers some help for women in her favorite post, How to Overcome Heartbreak: Recovering from Misguided Love. In this post, she offers some very practical advise in her no-nonsense way, without sparing herself.

A few days after writing her favorite post, Nicole wrote one of my personal favorites, in a letter entitled, A Letter to My Single Brothers, as she addresses single Christian men. This letter is not for the faint of heart, but it is a letter that single men of God should read and take seriously, so as not to cause heartache to the single women of God. In this letter, Nicole addresses the subject of men flirting and misleading women into thinking there is more to their relationship than there truly is, and she doesn’t mince any words or beat around the bush. She lays it all out, and I truly believe this is something that should be shared with all single men, especially those who profess to be Christians. I’m seriously thinking about sharing this letter with the single men and teens in my church.

Here are some other posts that have blessed me, and I’m sure they will bless you as well. Some are humorous and some are serious, but they all work together to show the deep, deep love that God has for all of His children…

  • Sowing for the Future – an enjoyable post about socks that somehow leads us back to God…
  • Unmet Expectations – a realistic look at our unmet expectations and how they effect our lives…
  • Unbroken Covenants– a powerful look at covenants and the necessity of covenant…
  • In the Secret Place – a reminder to seek the Lord in the Secret Place…
  • Crying Out – know your calling and be not only a man or woman of prayer, but also one of action…
  • Love and War – letting go of the anger and pain that controls us and allowing the Lord to begin healing us…

As you can see, His Love is Better Than Wine is filled with a plethora of posts, some personal, some devotional, some funny, but Nicole’s love for the Lord shines through all of them. Please take the time to read the posts that I’ve highlighted, and do some exploring on your own. I know you will be just as blessed as I have been. 

Also, when you visit Nicole’s blog, be sure to “Like” the posts that you like, and comment on them. As a fellow blogger, you know how we thrive on the interaction and comments left by others, so be sure that you Share the Love with Nicole this month!

Many blessings to you, my beloved readers. I just know that you will be blessed as you explore His Love is Better Than Wine! Much love to you all!

© 2013
Cheryl A. Showers

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