Greetings Readers! Please read this excellent post written by a wise friend, and then read the scriptures, so you can gain understanding!

Much love to you all,

Going UPstream!

Image    Somewhere along the way I remember seeing a movie where a family decided upon ‘where they would go on vacation’ by the toss of a dart! Standing at an appropriate distance they flung the thin steel tip and feathered shaft towards the North American Map. Wherever it would land, they would go. The decision was just that easy! Myself, I would rather give serious consideration before deciding on a definite destination.

Last night on the History Channel I happened to watch the Series on the Bible. I caught a few scenes from Genesis and settled to watch as much as was possible from Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, right up until the New Testament. Here John the Baptist was introduced and then of course, Jesus the Christ, the Son of God.

The Series producers claimed to do their best in keeping with the ‘spirit of the Scriptures’ and to a…

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