Share the Love – March 2013

Hallelujah! It is time once again to Share the Love with my beloved blogging friends. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Share the Love is all about, please click the link above. 

As those of you who read my blog posts on a regular basis are aware, February has been a very difficult month for me, fraught with much pain and grief, as my mother passed from this life into the next. It is my fervent hope and belief that Mom made peace with God and is now in the presence of Jesus.

Because of all that has gone on, I haven’t given much thought to my blog or to the Share the Love project. Indeed, because I haven’t given it much thought, due to my circumstances, I had resigned myself to forgoing the Share the Love post this month, but God had other plans, as He ministered to my heart and showed me who HE wanted to highlight this month.

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Therefore, it is with great joy that I introduce to some of you, a blog site that brings me great joy, as the author shares nature’s beauty and God’s glory through her photography, poetry and prose… For those of you who are already familiar with this lovely blog, I’m sure you will all agree with God’s choice (and therefore mine also) for the Share the Love post this month — greenlightlady. The beauty that Wendy, author of greenlightlady, portrays in her posts is a wonderful blessing for all who read and view them. 

I pray that everyone who reads this post will take the time to visit her blog site and “Like” and comment on your favorite posts. If you’re not sure which posts to read and view, please be sure to check out some of these favorites of mine:

These are only a few of my favorites. Wendy has written and photographed many posts, which always bless me. I do have to share two more favorites, because they were such a delightful surprise to me. Are there any mushroom lovers out there? I am a huge mushroom fan… I like them stuffed, raw, on top of salads, and on pizzas… I truly enjoy eating mushrooms, but I must confess that although they are very tasty, I’ve always thought they were rather ugly, until I saw these two posts on greenlightlady’s blog:

I think it’s really important to know which post, out of all that she has posted since the inception of her blog, is the author’s personal favorite. Each month as I Share the Love, I will include not only my own personal favorites, but the author’s as well, and Wendy’s favorite post is On Either Side. After reading this, I can understand why that post would be her favorite, because it gives us a glimpse into the wonder of God’s great love for us, and it brings the following scripture to my mind:

 But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. (Romans 5:8 NLT)

As I stated earlier in this post, with the tumultuous month that February was, I really didn’t think I had it in me to do the Share the Love post this month, because I haven’t really had time to visit many blog sites, and truthfully, I hadn’t even thought to pray about Share the Love. However, God is the One who gave me the inspiration to do a Share the Love post every month, and it was He who revealed who I should highlight in my first Share the Love post for the month of February. And just as He did for February’s post, He showed me who to Share the Love with in March.

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On February 24, I was reading through the many posts that I subscribe to, when I came across greenlightlady‘s post for that day. This post was unlike her usual posts, and the Lord clearly spoke to my heart and told me to showcase Wendy’s blog for March. For those of you who wonder how I go about choosing which blog to showcase, the answer is simple. I allow Holy Spirit to lead me to the blog that He chooses…

Anyway, Wendy’s, A Call to Prayer, truly moved and inspired me. Out of all the posts that Wendy (a.k.a. – greenlightlady) has written, this one was by far and away my very favorite post, because it deeply moved me. I was first struck by the genuine love and compassion expressed in this post, from the beginning to its glorious ending. The poem Wendy shared, exhibited the sheer beauty of God’s love for the millions of unborn babies whose lives are cut short in utero. And though the poem for those babies came to an end, the words that Wendy wrote afterwards in summary continued to display God’s everlasting love – not only for the wounded and murdered babies, but for those mothers who have aborted their babies. You see, we serve a wonderful God who not only loves the innocent babes, but He loves their lost mothers too, and it is not His will that any of them should perish. Therefore, I urge everyone who reads this post to please take the time to visit Wendy’s blog and read, A Call to Prayer. Then, after reading it, let’s join Wendy in her call to prayer for all of the unborn babies in this country and throughout the world, and for their mothers as well…

May the Lord bless each one of you as we all Share the Love with Wendy at greenlightlady.

Love in Christ,

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