Daily Prompt: It’s Alive!

Write a Q&A-style interview with an inanimate object.
Daily Prompt: It’s Alive!

Current title card
Current title card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What follows is a transcript of Dr. Phil’s groundbreaking interview of an inanimate object…

Dr. Phil: Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the Dr. Phil Show. Have any of you ever wished you could be a fly on a wall and be a witness of some of the world’s greatest news stories? How would it feel to live for thousands and thousands of years, bearing witness to the world’s greatest triumphs as well as her greatest tragedies? What would this kind of knowledge do to your psyche?

Well sit back, and prepare yourself to meet someone who claims to have done just that. Today’s interview promises to be one of the most inspiring, provocative shows that we’ve ever done, and I promise, even though many of you won’t believe what you’re seeing, and hearing, after this program, you’ll never be the same, and neither will I. As a matter of fact, this episode is so vital to mankind that for the first time in the history of the Dr. Phil Show, we will be airing commercial free.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you a rock, discovered just outside of Jerusalem. Now, you’re probably wondering if I’ve taken leave of my sanity after all of these years of trying to help others with their personal and emotional issues, but in just a moment you’ll understand why I’m interviewing a rock.

Thank you, Rock, for agreeing to this interview.

Rock: The pleasure’s all mine, Dr. Phil. I’ve looked forward to one day having an opportunity to share all that I’ve seen and heard in my lifetime, and I’m just glad that day has finally come.

Dr. Phil: If it’s okay with you, I’d like start from the very beginning. Exactly how old are you, and what are your earliest memories?

Rock: I can’t give you my exact age in years, because I don’t know it. I came into existence on the third day, when God created the land and seas. I was there when He created the sun and the moon and the stars on the fourth day. I saw the first fish, and the first birds when they were created on the fifth day. And yes, I watched the creation of all of the land animals, and even more importantly, I witnessed the creation of mankind on the sixth day. I also heard God bless the seventh day, declaring that this was a holy day, because on this day, He rested from creating the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.

Dr. Phil: Do you mean to tell me that you were there when the first man and woman were created? What was that like?

Creation of Manby: roejae
Creation of Man
by: roejae

Rock: Dr. Phil, I was just a small pebble in a stream of water in a beautiful garden place called, Eden. I watched and listened, as God began to form that first man. I heard Him when He said, “Let Us make people in Our image, to be like Ourselves. They will be masters over all life — the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the livestock, wild animals, and small animals.”

And then I saw Him reach down with His hands, scooping up some dirt and molding it into the image of a man, just as a sculptor molds clay, only this first man was much more beautiful than any sculpture created by human hands. And the man was an inanimate object, just as I am.

Dr. Phil: What do you mean man was an inanimate object? Look at us. We have flesh and blood. We live… we breathe… we think… we —

Rock: You didn’t allow me to finish, Dr. Phil. As I said, man was an inanimate object, just as I am, but then God did something wonderful that changed all that. You see, He picked up His beautiful sculpture, and He breathed life into it — much like you humans do when you administer CPR.

Dr. Phil: I see. So the creation account we read in the Bible is true and accurate then?

Rock: Yes, I know that it is true, because I was there, and I witnessed these things that I am telling you.

Dr. Phil: This is fascinating. What about the story of Adam and Eve being tricked by the serpent? Is that true as well?

Rock: I believe that it is, although I didn’t actually witness that event.

Dr. Phil: What about the first murder? Did you see that?

Rock: Again, I can only speak of that which I was witness to, and this event didn’t happen in front of me, so I can’t testify of that to you.

Dr. Phil: I appreciate that. Well, what other historical events were you witness to?

Noah's Ark - Global Flood Deluge
Noah’s Ark – Global Flood Deluge

Rock: I was in the great flood.

Dr. Phil: I’m sure there have been many great floods since you were created. Can you be more specific?

Rock: Yes, there have been many floods since my creation, but only one Great Flood, which covered the entire earth, because mankind had grown so wicked, that the Lord was sorry He had created man. I saw the first rainfall, as water fell from the sky in great torrents, while thunders rumbled and exploded, and lightning lit up the sky for forty days and forty nights. I felt the earth quake and tremble beneath me, as hell expanded itself, and geysers shot up out of the ground, and molten hot lava came rushing down from the mountains.

There was a loud cacophony as the sounds of frightened animals cried out, joining the already terrible noise, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Above all of those sounds, the sounds of the people crying out was even more horrific. Many were wailing loudly, begging and pleading for their lives, while others were enraged and cried out in bitterness and anger. Many were murdered during that dreadful flood, and many committed suicide, but most were swept away by the raging waters, except for a man named Noah and his family, because out of all the men on the earth, Noah was found blameless in God’s sight.

Dr. Phil: There really was a flood? And Noah really existed? And you knew him?

Rock: Yes, there really was a flood, and I was one of the stones Noah used to build an altar to the Lord when he and his family came out of the ark on Mt. Ararat. When Canaan, Noah’s grandson eventually left Mt. Ararat, he took me as a memorial of the altar his grandfather built after the flood. Of course, after a few generations passed, Canaan’s descendants forgot how and why I came to be in their possession, and I was eventually tossed into a stream near the Elah Valley, not far from Jerusalem.

A young shepherd boy named David, who would one day be king of Israel found me many, many years later, and used me in his slingshot to bring an evil giant named Goliath down.

Dr. Phil: This is fascinating. Let me ask you another question. Have you always had the ability to talk, and if so, why has no one heard you speak before now?

Rock: I’m so glad you asked me this question. Do you mind if we travel back in history?

Dr. Phil: Not at all. Ladies and Gentlemen, do you find this as intriguing as I do? Just listen to that applause. We would all be very interested to know about how a rock gained the ability to speak.

Rock: Very well, are any of you familiar with the One named Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God? He is the Word that was spoken in the beginning, and it is He who holds all creation together. I met Him in the wilderness hundreds and hundreds of years after David used me to help him bring the giant down.

I was lying there on the ground, and I witnessed the Son of God praying and fasting there in the wilderness, because God’s Holy Spirit had led Him there. And after He had fasted for forty days and nights, Satan picked me up from the ground and walked toward Jesus. Although I am an inanimate object, I felt the need to shudder in revulsion when this embodiment of evil lifted me and held me before Jesus’ face, saying,  “If you are the Son of God, change this stone into a loaf of bread.” I felt sick at being used by this horrid creature to tempt my Creator.

“It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God,'” Jesus replied, as He took me and threw me far away from Him. Never had I felt as dirty as I did then. I eventually found myself on the road to Jerusalem.

I was laying by the roadside on the road just outside of Jerusalem, a few years later, as Jesus approached.


I had seen Him pass by many times before on this road, but this time was different. This time, the air was charged with electricity, and everything stood at attention to what was unfolding before us. This time, Jesus didn’t come walking into the city, as He had on every other occasion. No, this time He came riding on a colt, and all of nature watched as the King of kings made His way up the road to Jerusalem.

I watched in awe, as the people danced and bowed down, giving homage to their King, shouting, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in highest heaven!” The people seemed to have some kind of revelation that Jesus was more than just an ordinary man. The flowers and the trees trembled at His glory, and yes, even we rocks rejoiced to see Him in His splendor, longing to join in with the throng shouting His praises, for we had known all along that Jesus was none other than the Word of God in the flesh, Creator of the universe and all that is therein… Indeed, we, along with the sun, the moon, the stars, and all of nature, including the winds and the rain, as well as the animate and the inanimate recognized our Creator. It’s a curious thing, that the only ones who seemed not to recognize their Creator were the ones He had created in His own image — mankind.


But there, in the midst of that joyous crowd, was another group. They were known as the Pharisees, and the evil that enveloped them caused even a cold hard rock to shudder, as they approached Jesus and said, “Teacher, rebuke your followers for saying things like that!”

I still rejoice when I remember Jesus’ response to those hateful Pharisees when they ordered Him to silence His worshipers, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” 

And it is this that brings me here today. You see, worshipers of Jesus are being silenced throughout the world by their governments and various religious leaders. Even some who call themselves Christians are no longer glorifying Christ as God, because they are afraid of losing their income and their tax-exempt status. Many of these would rather be worshiped than to worship the true and living God.

Love Wax Coldwww.torrentsofglory.org
Love Wax Cold

The church has become a sleeping giant, no longer willing to stand up for what is true and right, and the men and women of the church have become anesthetized to the gospel of Christ. They act as if they are religious, but they reject the power that could make them godly. Sin is rampant everywhere, and the love of many has grown cold, and this is why I now have the ability to speak.

You see, since the church has become silent, I have been granted the ability to cry out and proclaim the glory of the Lord. Because so many of you refuse to cry out, I, a rock, an inanimate object have been granted the favor of God, and I am here to proclaim the truth to you. Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna! Glory to God in the  highest!

Ladies and gentlemen, listen to these words that I speak, and as you hear these words today, do not harden your hearts like the people of Israel did when they rebelled against God in the wilderness. Because their hearts were hardened against God, they wandered in the wilderness for forty years, and were not allowed to enter into His place of rest. Hear these words today, and take heed. For there is soon coming a day when at the name of Jesus, every knee, in heaven and on earth, beneath the earth and under the sea, will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God.

Thank you, Dr. Phil, for allowing me to come on your show and share this with the men, women and children all across this nation, and perhaps in the world.

Dr. Phil: Thank you, Rock. I’m not sure that everyone will agree with what you’ve said, but you’ve certainly given us much to think about… so in essence, what you are saying is that if the church, the people who call themselves Christians would have spoken out, you would not have this ability to speak?

Rock: That is correct, sir.

Dr. Phil: Well, there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. Because Christians have been silent, a rock has been sent to speak for God, and whether you agree with what this rock said or not, you will have to admit that this has been very fascinating. I’m not sure where I stand in all that’s been said, but I must say that I will be giving this some serious thought, as I’m sure you will too.

Also, before I close, I would like to thank our sponsors and the networks that aired this show for allowing us to do this commercial-free broadcast. Now, for Robin and myself, as well as everyone here at the Dr. Phil Show, thank you for joining us today.

© 2012
Cheryl A. Showers

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