Swift Blogging Challenge: This is Me

Swift Blogging Challenge: This is Me

For this challenge, readers are invited to imagine that they are going to write their life story, and then go ahead and write the first paragraph. It may be written in 1st person or 3rd person.

After twenty-two grueling, intense hours, of unimaginable pain and suffering, which finally reached its climax when the doctor roughly inserted the cold hard forceps and literally ripped the me from my mother’s womb, I made my triumphant entry into the world. It was 1961, and things were done much differently then, than they are now. For example, there were no other family members in the delivery room as there are today. Although, truth be told, my father was nowhere to be found, so my mother was alone throughout the entire labor and delivery anyway. It seems that while my mother suffered all alone, he was out drinking and partying. Fearful for my life, because she’d lost her first baby only a year ago in the midst of labor, she tearfully said to the doctor, “Something’s wrong with her! I don’t hear her crying,” to which the doctor responded by holding me upside down by my ankles and administering my first of many spankings. To hear my mother tell the story, I let out a loud wail, and never stopped crying until they stuck a pacifier in my mouth.

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