This is the most recent update. Please pray for Israel, Jerusalem, and for this woman of God.

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Hi dear ones and thank you for stopping by for a look Inside Israel today. God bless each and everyone of you, as you pray for Israel and J of Jerusalem.  Now, here’s J . ..

Greetings in The Name that is above all names, Jesus Christ, Yeshua h’meshiach.  He is Lord and in Him is Life and peace. 
As we drove home from shabat dinner at Philippe and Liora’s tonight, the streets were much quieter then usual.  Two bus loads of soldiers passed us and a trailer carrying an army tank followed behind.  It is now okayed for the call up of 75,000 troops. It had been a good and comforting evening after our first real exposure to attack.  Shortly after the shabat horn sounded we heard the surreal sound of the siren wail through the air.  I stopped in my tracks trying to process what I was hearing…was…

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